3D File Design.
No Project is too small or large.

Through our partnership with ZVerse, every customer has access to expert 3D Design solutions for any project need. ZVerse’s CAD as a Service design platform combines machine learning with expert designers to provide the fastest path from idea to 3D printable file.

We take your project from start to finish beginning with 3D File Design.

Gu3D Printing is the world’s leading 3D printing service dedicated to providing fully customizable solutions, and with the help of ZVerse, we are able to get your project across the finish line in a fast, seamless experience.

Create a New 3D File

Define and create your new project on our co-branded easy to use customer portal.

Optimize an existing 3D File

In some cases, a 3D file is not ready to be manufactured.  ZVerse will work with you to get your file into a manufacturable state.

3D File Format Conversion

Need to convert your 3D file into another format?  ZVerse will help you do that.


Here are some projects ZVerse has worked on.


DESIGN COST: $185. The customer needed a 3D CAD file of an existing part. The ZVerse team was able to design a production-ready part by referencing an image of the gear alone. The entire process took less than two days to complete.


DESIGN COST: $225. The customer needed a 3D CAD file of a functional mechanical part to be produced.  The ZVerse team created manufacturable design, including functional threading, in two days.


DESIGN COST: $2500. The ZVerse team created a large-format, 2′ x 2′ x 2,′ Pre-Constructed Atlanta City Block Replica for sales, marketing, and communication efforts.


DESIGN COST: $150. Upon receiving an old legacy part of a small industrial vent, the ZVerse 3D Design team was able to create a manufacturable 3D file, which the client used to reproduce 8,000 usable parts in a quick, cost-efficient fashion.

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