Capabilities Sheet

Want to know what we can do to help with your project or what our machines are capable of manufacturing? View Our Capabilities document by clicking here. Be sure to contact us with any inquiry you may have, contact us here.

Our Personalized Process

We are able to meet your specialized requirements by having numerous unique procedural processes that allow us to be efficient and effective. Gu3D understands that each project is different so unlike other companies we don’t label the majority of our projects as “Standard” jobs because your project is anything but just standard. Starting with our quoting process and how it is processed using several unique variables based on your actual designs instead of using the same algorithms for every part no matter the size, volume, or quantity of an order. Our customers are more than just an automatic online quote to us! Need help with a special project or need the best price in Additive. (Send your files here)

Our Machines

Gu3D Printing has over Seven Printers just in our SLA Machine Room to meet your requirements. With numerous production printers across different additive industries to meet your additive needs all under the Gu3D network. Our machines have the ability to print in both High-Resolution or Normal Resolution to meet all prototype needs . With a decade of experience in production our knowledge extents much deeper than just building parts. We are experienced in every facet of production including machine maintenance and repair, build setup utilization, material reduction, minimizing scrap and crashes, post processing procedures for flawless models in half the time, even before the printing process with 3D Design and CAD services, or if you are in the market for a machine but don’t know where to start we can help you with that and so much more. If it is SLA we can take care of you that is a promise.View our Capabilities Document here to get a better understanding of what we can provide for your project requirements.