Stereolithograpy (SLA) 3D Printing :

SLA (Stereolithography) is an additive manufacturing process where liquid materials and composites are turned into manufactured parts and prototypes, layer by layer, using an ultraviolet laser. Well know for its ability to capture small detail and outstanding accuracy its proudest attribute would have to be the overall quality of the build in relationship to appearance. SLA is where our expertise is concentrated the most and where the decade of Gu3D’s experience was spent.

Filament FDM Printing

Accurate, Durable, Production 3D Additive Printing. With two widely known printers we have you covered for your SLA and FDM requirements. Include your requirements in your Request for Quote form and we will use our expertise to give you the best product for your requirements. View our plant capabilities here.

Low volume production orders

Gu3D Printing has you covered with Six State-of-the-Art Industrial 3D Printing machines that run prints night and day to meet our customers requirements. We have various client requirements for Low Volume Production, we are here to exceed expectations, contact us today so we can review and quote your requirements. Want to know more about our capabilities? Here is our Capabilities Document.

Rapid Prototyping

Gu3D Printing is responsible for many of the processes that are currently in use today at some of the largest production facilities in the Country. We strive to improve on those practices to ensure we provide nothing but the best to our customers. We will deliver Quality parts and Quality service on time, every time. Contact us today to receive a custom quote on your project requirements.

High resolution printing

Gu3D Printing was built on the principles of quality from start to finish so we had to start with adding the best high-resolution 3D Printers to our machine capacity list. We currently own and operate three of 3D Systems Viper SI’s under our roof with plans to add several more. We have you covered. Contact us so we can review and quote your requirements. Want to know more about our capabilities? Here is our Capabilities Document.

2-3 Day Standard Lead Times

Our standard lead times usually run from two to three days. Give us a call or fill out a contact or quote form with as many details as you can. We will go over your requirements and give you a quote breaking down pricing as well as lead times. We can accomodate quick delivery for overnight, next day, 2 or 3 day, as well as cheapest, to meet your shipping and budget requirements.

Quick Quotes

We can provide quick turn around for your project requirements. Let us know you would like expedition in your project and we will do what we can to give a quick turn around time without costing your quality. Inquire for a fast, free quote Today

Design on Demand (Partnership with ZVerse)

Through our partnership with ZVerse, every customer has access to expert 3D Design solutions for any project need. ZVerse’s CAD as a Service design platform combines machine learning with expert designers to provide the fastest path from idea to 3D printable file. See what we can do with Zverse here.

SLA process consulting (On site or remote)

Need advice or help on your additive manufacturing process? We have fine tuned various Additive Manufacturing Process’ with multiple variables to speed up production efficiencies and bring down costs. Whether you are a large corporation of a small shop we have the expertise to increase your productivity with cost effective methods. Inquire with our Lead Process Engineer Today.

Build Preparation Services

We have expertise preparing your 3D build project. We will orientate, create supports, implement build styles, and prepare slice data to give you the best structure to fit various geometries and models. Inquire a quote with our Preparations Experts Today.

File repair and conversions

Need to convert your 3D file into another format?  We will help you do that. Do you have a 3D file or 2D drawing (.dwg) that you need converted into a printable 3D file format. Inquire Today for a free quote.

Project management for outsourced jobs

With a source of great global partners Gu3D Print can prepare larger job orders you may require. We will manage everything from In-House Prototyping to outsourcing large additive production orders. Inquire for a free quote Today